Solving Common Automotive Problems

DIY Auto Glass Crack Repair: A Guide

If the windshield on your car develops a crack, you may think you have no other option but to take it to an auto repair centre. However, depending on the type and size of the crack, you may be able to carry out a DIY repair. Below is everything you need to know about this subject. Assess the length and the width of the damage The first thing you need to do is to assess the size of the crack. Read More 

Seemingly Minor But Important Differences Between Tyres

When buying tyres for your vehicle, you don't want to choose just the cheapest brand you can find, as you may wind up replacing a cheap brand more often than something more durable; in turn, this costs you more money over the life of your vehicle. On the other hand, some very expensive tyres may not necessarily be right for your vehicle and driving habits. Note some seemingly minor but important differences between tyres, so you can make the best buying decision for your vehicle. Read More 

Buying a Tilt Tray: 3 Things to Consider

A tilt tray is a great addition to any type of flatbed or medium sized tow truck. A tilt tray will allow you to easily load other vehicles into the back of your truck so that they can be easily transported around the country. Tilt trays help to protect the vehicle you are transporting from damage as it will not be exposed as it would be if it were being towed behind another vehicle. Read More 

Get the Right Car Parts with These Purchase Tips

Choosing the correct replacement part for your car is of utmost importance, regardless of what part you need to get the vehicle back on the road. But with so many car parts dealers transacting business in various parts of Australia, selecting the right spare part for your vehicle can be quite confusing. Here are some useful tips you should follow to ensure you purchase the right spare parts for your vehicle. Read More 

4 Tips When Installing Nudge Bars on Your Vehicle

Nudge bars are a good accessory to have on a vehicle because they limit how easily your vehicle can be damaged in the event of a minor collision. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should implement as you install this accessory on your vehicle. Get a Helper Getting the nudge bars aligned properly on your vehicle requires a high degree of precision and dexterity. This task can be eased if you get someone to help you during the installation project. Read More