Buying a Tilt Tray: 3 Things to Consider

A tilt tray is a great addition to any type of flatbed or medium sized tow truck. A tilt tray will allow you to easily load other vehicles into the back of your truck so that they can be easily transported around the country. Tilt trays help to protect the vehicle you are transporting from damage as it will not be exposed as it would be if it were being towed behind another vehicle. Below is a guide to 3 things you should consider when purchasing a new tilt tray for your truck.

The material used to construct the tilt tray

The material that a tilt tray is made of can have a big impact on how well it operates. Aluminium tilt trays are very lightweight, which can help to make your truck more fuel efficient. However, aluminium tilt trays may be limited regarding the max weight that they can support. If you are planning to transport heavy vehicles or machinery, you should opt for a tilt tray which is made using steel. However, a steel tilt tray will add a considerable amount of weight to your truck, which means its fuel efficiency.

The type of flooring pattern used on the tilt tray

The next thing you should consider is the type of flooring pattern used on the tilt tray. Tilt trays can feature a range of different patterns. Standard tilt trays consist of plain sheets of metal. However, if you are planning haul vehicles which may have wet or muddy tyres, you may find that they slip as they are being driven or winched onto the back of the tray. To combat this, you should invest in a tilt tray which features a raised pattern of metal ridges. These ridges, which normally look like a series of squares or diamonds, provide friction and grip for the tyres of the vehicle you are about to transport.

The location and number of tie-down slots you will need to secure your load

Once you have got the vehicle onto the back of your truck, you will need to ensure that it is properly secured. Vehicles are typically secured using heavy duty metal chains or specialist straps. These straps or chains are passed through tie-down slots and secured to strong points on the chassis of the truck. When purchasing a tilt tray, you should check the location and number of tie-down slots to make sure that they are adequate for your needs.

If you would like further advice, you should contact an automobile specialist.